Thursday, October 13, 2011

update on being busy

Recently, I was too busy to post anything. For last two weeks I was teaching in Fleming College, Haliburton School of Arts .
Now I am printing photographs for my upcoming shows: group show in The Gallery Project in Ann Arbor, MI and for the solo show in Contemporary Arts Center in Las Vegas, NV.
It's going to be a very busy fall. I have to print 147 photographs in size 24x30 inches, dry-mount 24 of them and frame 120. And then I have to crate them and ship them, including two sets that I am sending to Europe. A little bit overwhelming, but my agent tells me I should get used to that.
Below you may see one of my VIP Portraits. Four of them (accompanied by one picture from Garden of Eden) are now participating in the Potato Revolution in WAH Center, Brooklyn, NY.

VIP Portrait Gallery: Enrique Dimitri Magnussen/copyrights Andrzej Maciejewski